About the Academy

In cooperation with the Mozarteum, School of Music and the State Conservatory in Innsbruck, Austria

TYROLEAN INTERNATIONAL PIANO ACADEMY will offer exciting opportunities to students and teachers,  through private lessons, master classes, and a final concert for the participants. The Mozarteum, the School of Music and the State Conservatory in Innsbruck, Austria, will provide the facilities for practice opportunities and performances during the Academy.

Lessons and masterclasses offered by world-class faculty provide cutting-edge information for participants and observers of all ages in the area of piano performance. The Tyrolean International Piano Academy creates an international community of teachers and participants in the charming Austrian city of Innsbruck. They gather to explore the rich cultural heritage of  Austria, while fostering individual artistic, intellectual and personal growth in piano studies as well as obtaining a truly international experience.

Participants will  take part and perform at two master classes and receive four private lessons. The repertoire presented in private lessons  is the individual’s choice.  Participants also welcome to  perform at the final concert.

Specific practice schedules will be provided  and practice rooms will be assigned to each participant .We  are delighted to proclaim our collaboration with the Mozarteum, the School of Music as well as with the State Conservatory in Innsbruck.

The Tyrolean International Piano Academy will use as accommodations the college dormitories in Innsbruck.  All dormitory facilities are mostly double  occupancy, with a private bathroom.   Wireless internet access is available in the dormitories.

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